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We meet monthly in the Boston / Cambridge area to hear about innovations in metabolomics and mass spectrometry.

We strive to help each other and to push the boundaries of metabolite profiling together

Our upcoming Seminar


Upcoming seminar: June 14

Lunch and interactive class:

"COMPASS: AI-based Metabolomics analysis"

by Dan Olsen, Magellan Bioanalytics

Northwest Lab, HCMS

Harvard Yard, Cambridge

Registration is a must (email Charles)

Next seminars:

July 18 @ Lunch time

General Metabolics

Longwood Center

No Seminar on August (SUMMER TIME!)

September: Carolina Noble, PhD (MGH)

October: Phil Michaels (Matterworks)

Want to give a talk? Great! email Naama naama.kanarek[at]

Previous seminars












February 2024 IROA Tech application in untargeted metabolomics

by Bory Petrova | BCH @ Northeastern University, EAI Institute


January 2024 IROA Technologies @ ZOOM

November 2023  Tugce Guller | Northeastern University @ BCH

October 2023 Bruker @ Harvard

September 2023 Regina Oliveira | MGH Harvard Medical School @ MGH

July 2023 MilliporeSigma @ BCH

June 2023 Sciex @ Whitehead Institute

May 2023 Boryana Petrova | BCH Harvard Medical School @ BCH

March 2023 Thermo with Charles Vidoudez | Harvard @ Harvard

February 2023 MOB establishment in Cambridge MA


May 2024 End-to-End LC/TQ and LC/Q-TOF Workflows 

 @ Agilent, Boston MA   

April 2024 HILIC Chromatography Optimization by

Birgitta Ryback, PhD @ DFCI   

March 2024 Field Trip @ Waters, Cambridge MA

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